Congratulations on All Who Have Tested! Black Belt Tea Ceremony Tomorrow!

Congratulations to all who have tested, especially our Masters Moshe Adler and Maria Zavalakos for their 6th Dan 3rd Gup! And congratulations to our Instructor Lucas Maltese on his Deputy 3rd Dan!

Many students of all ages and ranks tested and our Grandmaster and Robert Zavalakos were impressed with their progress. We had asked some of our parents to speak on behalf of their children, and they showered compliments not only of their child but their classmates as well.

Here at USMA, we measure a person’s progress in overall; when it comes not only by their technique, but improvement in their capability in themselves with their confidence, precision, and building of character.

Congratulations! Tomorrow, Dec 19th, Wednesday, we will be having our Black Belt Tea Ceremony at 6pm! Please come join us as we recognize our black belts on the next chapter of their martial art experience!

Because of the Black Belt Tea Ceremony, we will be awarding Belts and Certificates on January 7th, Monday, when we return from our Winter Break.

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