Welcome to Jin Chung’s U.S. Martial Arts Academy

The USMA offers several different types of martial arts memberships that range from a 6 month membership to a 36 month Black Belt Club Membership. On occasion, the USMA has a risk-free 2 week trial special for a very affordable price. We urge you to visit us, check out our facilities, meet our Grandmaster, masters and instructors, our students and parents. The USMA is the founding school of the World Ko Am Mu-Do Federation, and a member school of Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Federation, U.S. Taekwondo Union, USA Taekwondo Club, and various other martial arts organizations.


Happy Father’s Day

We wish all Fathers, from our USMA Family to yours, a wonderful and Happy Father’s Day! Have a great and relaxing weekend!

Both of our children and myself, are students of U.S.M.A. Martial Arts. We have been very fortunate to have found this school with Grandmaster Jin Chung and to learn Taekwondo from such an accomplished Martial Artist. Classes are fun and different, so the kids stay interested with the diverse routines. His life experience comes through in what he teaches by showing you the “why” behind what you are learning. Besides being extremely patient with the kids, he instills the same values we work on in our home which go far beyond the classroom: respect (for yourself and others), focus, self-discipline, confidence, responsibility, and of course self-defense. To watch his students’ abilities mature as they grow is truly incredible; especially the respect from our children for not only us but other adults as well has improved considerably. With accepting the challenge of pursuing our Black Belt we have grown to be passionate, dedicated, and committed. Arianna (10 years old, 1st Dan Black Belt) has participated in competition, special events, has done demonstration during testing, and has pride in herself for achieving her goals. Aaron (6 years old) has just earned his red belt, has done numerous competitions, and looks forward to participating in the demonstration team when the time comes. I am a Black Belt myself, help with instructing the students, and know other parents are very proud of their kids’ accomplishments at USMA, as we are. If you are thinking about enrolling your kid(s) in Tae Kwon Do and you live in the Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, or the Wellington area…this is THE place to have them learn! Grandmaster Chung, Master Maria, and the other Masters and Instructors are more than our mentors; they are our Tae Kwon Do Family!

— Mr. & Mrs. Norberto (Aaron and Arianna’s parents)

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We wish all Fathers, from our USMA Family to yours, a wonderful and Happy Father’s Day! Have a great and relaxing weekend!