Testing was Excellent! Thank you!

Testing was excellent today! Great turnout of students who qualified! There were many first-time students who did amazing! Special congratulations to Evan Priest for Deputy to 1st Dan Black Belt Testing! He did an amazing power break! Our Black Belts (Theo Nguyen, John Lacy, and Gloria Nguyen) had an impressive form and nunchuk style to them! May everyone keep going to achieving their goals.

Special thanks to our helpers Mr.John Kirby, Ms.Patricia Herrera, Ms.Ayanna Battle, and Mr.Tim Nguyen for supporting our students during their big day. They did an amazing job with organizing them, making them feel in their element, and assisting with holding targets & boards.

Also special thanks to our Master Maria Zavalakos who came directly from work to the testing! She was impressed by how much the students have improved since she has been present for each and every one of them.

We look forward to seeing the outcome for our adults tomorrow! As a reminder belt presentations will be on Monday and the continuation of next week during classes. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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