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Happy Birthday, Alec!

Monday, September 30th, 2013

We wish Alec a Happy 11th Birthday! A USMA present of a pin, tote bag, and dogtag (with a special message) were given to him today on behalf of the school. When given the opportunity, he was able to recall all the forms from white to black belt! When it comes to memorizing the curriculum, Alec is the one of the best!

We also send a Special Thank You to The Prestoza Family for the wonderful preparation of food! Each student received a box: in it was cake, capri sun, candy, and an added bonus of a corn dog! Everyone was impressed by the setup and very appreciative! They went all out!

A Visit from One of Our Black Belts: Ricardo Maldonado!

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

We have many students who start training with us for many years then go off to college in another city, state, or country. They are unable to continue their martial arts training in our area, but that does not mean their martial art spirit has died.

They continue to grow and spread their wings all over in Gainesville, Tampa, Orlando, China, Rhode Island, Massachusetts etc.

Once in a while, they drop by for a visit and have an opportunity to enjoy some nostalgic training.

One of our students, Ricardo Maldonado, today did just that! He is one of our top talented 1st Dan Black Belts who has the “art” portion of “martial art” down, especially when presenting his forms. Even though he is unable to continue the same type of training, he has branched off and studied various other martial arts to keep his mind focused and his body centered. He enjoyed a one-day session of exercise and is excited to come back and see us when he can!

So we encourage all our past students who have gone their future ways to feel free to drop by to visit and train. Once you are part of the USMA Family, it is now and forever!

U.S. Martial Arts Academy is for Everyone!

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

If you have come to class and noticed a new student, but thought “wait…I know this person…but from where”?

Perhaps it is another student’s father, mother, sister, brother, cousin, who has been watching from the lobby! Yes! We have seen many new students come in who already have a relative in the class!

We welcome them to training and becoming accustomed the world of martial arts from the eyes of the student instead of just the an observer!

We welcome these individuals and the inspiration they are giving to those already in the class, because after all, who does not want to see another familiar face!

Testing is Done! Bring On the Workouts!

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Testing is over until October! That means more workouts, weapons training, technique reviews to come! We break away from the curriculum to review basics with a twist!

Make sure to tune in and come to class for a different schedule surprise everyday this month!

If you are looking to lose the extra weight, get a good burn out, feel empowered with self defense knowledge, or open your mind to a new technique or weapon…September is your month!

Welcome from Back from Labor Day! New Schedule!

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend and welcome everyone back to the new schedule today!

Tuesdays and Thursdays we hold 4:30pm classes for ages 4-9, but they will be able to attend the 5:30pm only Fridays.

The reason is to keep the same age groups together because they have similar attention spans and interests. Also when they are to spar, it keeps everyone in the appropriate level.

Also, sparring is still on Wednesdays and Thursday for all classes. Please bring all your sparring gear during these days.

We wish everyone a good school year and welcome you back to USMA during the Fall Season.