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Congratulations to Mr.Chris Frishe!

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Today, our Website Designer and Coordinator, Mr.Chris Frishe has received an award from the President of Kukkiwon in recognition for his help in his “Outstanding Contribution to the Development and Dissemination of Taekwondo”!

Congratulations to you, Mr.Chris, we thank you for advancing us Further in Cyberspace and Spreading our Reach!

Not only is he Specialized in Computers and Design, but he holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt and Continues his Training in Georgia!

Last Day of Class!

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Today was our Last Class for the Year, and what a Class! It was filled all day with Active Cardio Exercise, Rolling, Weapons, Blood-Pumping Kicking Combinations!

If you Missed Out, we Look Forward to Seeing Everyone After the Break and want to Remind Everyone that we will be Closed from December 23rd until January 1st.

See you on January 2nd! May you have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Not Done Yet!

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

We are Not quite Done for the Year just yet! We still have Class from Today until this Friday, December 20th! We look forward to Seeing You, but if we don’t…then we Wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday!

We will be Closed from December 23rd to January 1st! We will be open on Thursday, January 2nd from 4:30pm Class and Onwards!

THANK YOU! Our International Food Festival Went Wonderfully!

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Our International Food Festival Holiday Party went wonderfully today! We had an Indoor Snowball Fight while Everyone was Arriving and Setting up food.

We had a Variety of Delicious Treats from all Around the World, some of which Made from Scratch from our Parents, Relatives, and Mrs.Chung!

Then as the Night was Ending, Santa Claus came all the way from the North Pole Bringing Gifts for all the Boys and Girls! Everyone loved it and plenty of Pictures were Taken with Santa Claus!

From USMA, we Wish Everyone a Happy Holiday with your Friends and Family!

Thank you for all those you came, Helped to Serve Food, our USMA parents for their Support & Participation, and to our Adult Black Belts, Students, and Masters for being Wonderful Hosts!

See you in Class!

Reminder! Tomorrow is Our Holiday Party!

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

We Hope you are Having a Wonderful Weekend!

Small Reminder, Tomorrow is our Holiday Party and it will be Starting at 6pm.

If you are Bringing Food, please Bring it earlier then 5:30pm so we can have it set up for serving.

USMA Parents, if you would like to Pass a Message onto Santa before his Grand Appearance Tomorrow Evening, please see Master Maria for more Information. She will be Helping Santa, along with other Volunteering Elves Present.

We will have Room Inside our Do-Jang to Eat, but if you wish to sit Outside and Enjoy the Wonderful Weather and Sky, you are Welcome to Bring Chairs. But again we have room setup inside to accommodate you!

See you tomorrow!

Our Black Belt Tea Ceremony and Our Traditions!

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Only Once Every December, we hold our Annual Black Belt Tea Ceremony. This day is a Rite of Passage for our Black Belts where they Share Tea with their Family; poured by the Grandmaster Symbolizing the Unity between our School and our Students. Also to Recognize the Responsibility as a Black Belt to our School & Self, and Honoring the Support of all those around them who have gotten them this far. They were Sworn in to Pledge what they will Honor now with their New Rank and to Withhold their Responsibilities. It is, in a sense, a New Beginning after the Basics and into Finding the Deeper Meaning of their Techniques, their Environment, those Around Them, and Most Importantly Themselves.

The Tea represents the Honor, Trust, and Bond from the Individual Giving to the Person Receiving. The Placement of the Uniform over the Older Uniform is the New Layer of Lessons and Opportunities to come. However, the individual Must Not Forget the Previous Layer because it is from that they Learn their Experiences to go Forward. The Black Belt is the Goal of Growth for the Individual. For each person, this is a Different Meaning. But It Is Not the Belt who Proves the Value of the person, but the Actions they take with Humility onto Others.

After our Ceremony, all our Black Belts had the chance to have a Photo taken with our Grandmaster and our Four Masters.
There were also Special Awards Given to those who have been “Recognized for their Outstanding Contribution to the Development and Dissemination of Taekwondo” by the President of Kukkiwon himself. This award is given to Individuals 3rd Dan and Higher in Rank who have made a Huge Improvement onto Themselves, or others in their Journey of Taekwondo.

These individuals are: Master Moshe Adler, Master Robert Zavalakos, Master Maria Zavalakos, Master Ahmed Gaballa, Mr.Drake Shutt, Ms.Alexis Durrance

We would like to Congratulate them on their Dedication to our school and Look Forward in their Achievements in the Coming Year!

Thank you for attending our special event and we hope to see everyone for the Holiday Party on Monday, December 16th!

Congratulations to our Adults on Their Testing!

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Today we had our Adults Testing and they did a Marvelous Job! Many of them were Beginning Students Working their Way onto Intermediate Level.

The Other Half of our Adults were on their way from Deputy to their 1st or 2nd Dan Black Belts. For them we had them Break Concrete or Multiple Boards at once. It was Incredible because they all made it, especially Tim Nguyen and Tommy Nguyen. They are First Time Concrete Breakers and they made sure to Break the Concrete and Not their Hands! Also all the Colored Belts had a very Close Perfect Breaking Board Rate.

We would like to Remind Everyone about the Black Belt Tea Ceremony on Friday, December 13th at 6pm. All Black Belts Must Come In at 5pm for the Rehearsal; the Ceremony Begins at 6pm. If you are a Colored Belt, your Belt will be Available to You after the Tea Ceremony. Everyone must come in uniform and all Masters must Attend the Tea Ceremony. All Honorary Dan Black Belts will be Honored this Year. All Other Gup Black Belts are Welcome to Come be Honored with Tea and be a Part of our Annual Tea Ceremony Photo which we only have in December.

We look Forward to Seeing Everyone there Tomorrow!

Congratulations to Our Students, The Demo Team, and Their Families!

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Our Young Tigers and Dragons Tested Wonderfully Today and they were Blown away By our Demonstration Team.

We would like to take a moment to Congratulate our Students on all their Hard Work and Remind Everyone that they will be able to Receive their Belts on Friday, December 13th right After the Black Belt Tea Ceremony. If they Miss Out, Students will Receive their Belts In Class December 17th-December 21st or when we Return from the Winter Break on Thursday, January 2nd!

Our Demonstration Team is Always Amazing but this time was especially Brilliant because we had Experienced Black Belts in 2nd-4th Dan Black Belt, and Newcoming Deputy to 1st Dan Black Belts showing their Skills for the First Time! They Showed Off their Synced Coordinated Kicking, Rolling, Breaking (with Flying Side Kicks, Aerial One-Leg Landing Valentine Kick, Headbutts, and Jumping over other Students Tornado Back Side Kick), Nunchaks, Real Sword Form, and Women’s Self Defense!

We would like to Thank our Newcomers:
Raymond & Seth Budoff Kingland, Theophilus Buford, Max Devevo,
Samuel Novaton, Angelina & Tyler Nunez, Alan Pham

Returning Demo Team:
Christian Chantayan, Christian Jones, Garen Kalender, Sebastian Kirby, Linda Levy, Jeffrey Manning, Arianna Norberto, Alec Prestoza, Mason & Drake Shutt

Our Helpers: Mr.Franck Chantayan, Mr.Jason Pappo

Our Assistants: Christian Jones and Jeffrey Manning

Our Demonstration Coordinators: Our Grandmaster and Master Maria Zavalakos

Each of these Individuals Had Received a Special Gift in Being a Part of This Demonstration Today, In Addition to a few Individuals who have Helped Us Throughout the Year during Class, Testing, and other Demonstrations: Mr. John Kirby, Mr. Jorge Mazariegos, and Alexis Durrance.

We would like to Again Thank Everyone who Participated and Most Importantly to the Supportive Parents, Relatives, and Family who have Made it all Possible!

Now comes Tomorrow’s Test and the Ongoing Progress of the Adults Colored Belts and Up. Good luck!

Testing Schedule Reminder!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Throughout Each Class we have been Reviewing Our Requirements Non-Stop to where each Student is More Than Ready to Take on This Bull By the Horns.

We wish everyone Good Luck for Tomorrow and also would like to Remind Everyone of the Schedule.

Wednesday, December 11th
5:30pm-6:30pm – Students Ages Under 7 Years Old
6:30pm-8:30pm – Students Ages 8-12

Thursday, December 12th
6:30pm – Adults and Teens of all Belt Levels

***Regular Classes are Cancelled During Testing Dates
***Come in Formal Uniform Attire with your Uniform Jacket On
***We Encourage Everyone to Come Early to Have Time to Stretch, Review their Material, and Ask the Masters any Last Questions

Our Thanks to the Families For Their Support During Special Weekend Training!

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Our Students who came to Train during the Weekend did an Excellent Job and are Ready to go for the Testing on Wednesday!

We would like to give a Special Thank You all the Parents who brought their Children to Practice and Take Time from their Busy Schedules. Also to the Adult Helpers: Mr. Franck, Mr. Jason, Master Assistant Jeffrey, Master Assistant Christian for being a part of this Experience and Helping them out! They have also Taken Time from their Busy Schedules with School, Work, and Family.

We would like to give a Special Thank You to Master Maria for Organizing, Supporting, and Helping these Students out. Also for Keeping the Parents Informed Every Step of the Way.

KwanJangNim is looking forward to a Wonderful Testing on Wednesday and Thursday! We ask that everyone Do Their Best! Everyone is Ready!