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October is Approaching

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

October is approaching and testing time is coming near! It will be at the end of October but until then pretesting will be starting in the beginning of October! Two Black Tips is passing for pre-qualification for Testing. Best of luck!

New Upcoming Updates for the Coming Months

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Since we came back from Labor Day weekend, we had workouts and brushing up on our techniques.

For October there will be testing at the end of the month. Beginning of November is a KoAmMuDo seminar for Instructors and Masters to update them on the curriculum. December there will be the last testing of the year and the Black Belt Tea Ceremony. The Holiday Party is in organization. More details in October and November.

Also, we had some students return from summer and after adjusting to going back to school in August. From here on, we will be switching gears to testing in October. Until then see you in class for wonderful workouts!

Back in Session

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

We are back from our Labor Day break! Hope everyone had a wonderful relaxing holiday since now start the workouts, review of weapon drills and basics, cardio carb-burning drills, group brick pounding sessions, continuous target practice, and basically getting back into shape. See you in class!

We are CLOSED for Labor Day

Monday, September 7th, 2015

We are CLOSED today for the Labor Day weekend! Classes will be back in session tomorrow normal schedule. Until then, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

Looking back on August

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

We had a wonderful August, many of our students returning from their summer camps as they go back to school. During the break between summer and colleges beginning, our students Gianmarco from Orlando and Jayden from Jamaica came by to visit during the summer months! We always welcome back our students (color or black belt equally) since we are all family. We also had students from 10 years ago come to visit and check in with us, one including our Black Belt Phillip who is now in college and twice his height. If anyone of our students has moved or went off to college, if you are ever in town, we welcome you to come visit.

We had many students join us as white belts, some of which have been able to qualify for testing since they were able to qualify with their hours of attending. We had 5 new students in the 5:30pm children’s class, 8 new students in the 6:30pm teens class, and 3 new students in the adult class. Many of them were recommended by our formal students! We welcome anyone to come try our classes, you can sit in and watch (parents are welcome to watch as well), participate for 30 mins without a uniform, or with our week free trial including the uniform and white belt. More details can be discussed with Mrs. Chung in her office before the class session you wish for you or your child/teen to attend.

We thank our Black belts who are aiming for their instructor certifications Mr. Franck Chantayan, Mr. John Kirby, Mr. Charles Worsham, Garen Kalender, James Lilly, and Benjamin Kingsland. And our upcoming assistant instructors Timmy Nguyen, Tommy Nguyen, Mr. Trevor, and Patricia Herrera. They have all come in to help our Grandmaster and Master during class learning much about themselves as well as teaching others.

We would like to remind our Instructors, Assistant Instructors, and upcoming 3rd and 4th Dan Black Belts that in order to be an Official KoAmMuDo Instructor and Master there is official certification in place. When the time comes, each Black Belt rank will need to attend a seminar and have an update in the curriculum as of their belt rank. This certificate will make them officially recognized as the rank they are: Assistant Instructor-1st Dan, Instructor-2nd Dan and 3rd Dan, Assistant Master-4th Dan, Master-5th Dan according to KoAmMuDo Federation. And as for a reminder, it is good to have your Kukkiwon certification for your Belt rank up to date. For more information please ask Mrs. Chung in her office.


Holiday Coming Soon, Please Mark Your Calendars

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

We will be CLOSED on Monday, September 7th for the Labor Day Holiday! Until then, we will be training hard during our post-training period! See you in class until then!