Grandmaster Jin Chung

Resume and History

Coach Experience : Korea

1973 : Song Dong Commercial High School Tae kwon-Do Head Coach

1973 : 1st Winner TKD Group competition Seoul, Korea (Minister of Education)

1973-1975 Every Weight competition, Group Competition and National

Competition Winner – Gold Medal

1975: Choung-Nam Province Coach National Sports Competition

1976: Seoul City National Games Head Coach National Sports Competition

1975, 1976,1977, The prestigious Presidential TKD Championships

Winner Head Coach 3 consecutive years.

1978 : Korean National Team Head Coach

1978 : WTF Coach of World Taekwon-Do Federation

1973-1979: About 13 former members of the Song Dong High School Team

which I coached became Champions of the Korean National Team and World Champions.


  • Grandmaster Jinyoung have taught Students right now:


48 former students belong to National Champions World Champions, about 9 students World champions and Korean & USA, Taiwan, Spain college professor and team coach also Korean national team head coach and manager.


Coaching experience : Bahrain

1979 : Bahrain National Team Bahrain Military Special Force Team

Head Team Coach

1980 : Arab and Gulf area Countries Championship

Bahrain Team 8 Gold Medals Team was 1st place

1981 : World TKD Championship Silver Medal Welter Weight

” Rasid Hassan”

1982 : The 1st The World Military TKD Championship (CISM Game)

Bahrain Team 3rd Place. ( 1st Korea 2nd USA, 3rd Bahrain)

1984 : The Asian TKD Championship at Philippine

Bahrain Team 4th Place ( 1st Korea 2nd Taiwan 3rd Philippine 4th Bahrain )


1974 : Best Coach by Minister Education Department

1975 : Best Coach by Korean Nation TKD association

1976 : Best Coach By Korean Nation TKD association

1977 : 1977 Best Coach of Year

1978 : WTF Coach of World Taekwondo Federation

1988 : The Korea President “Special Award” for Korean National Team Head Coach.

1981 : King Of Bahrain “PIN” Awarding for Winner of Brain Team

1984 : “The Best Of The Best Coach ” by The World TKD Federation (WTF)

2001 : California: CBS The World’s Best Coach among 5 people by “CBS”


Referee and Demonstration : Other Experience

1973 : The Korean National Demonstration Team, Founder

committee Member.

1985-Present: 21 Countries Demonstration

1972 – 1991 Korean National Championship Referee and World

Championship Referees.

1985 : Opened first U.S. Do-Jang( School) open in Lake Worth, Florida USA

1986 – 1998 Competition & Demonstration for Contribution, Charity local and

nationwide every years

1991 – 1998 President Florida State Martial Arts Federation.

1995 – 1997 Korean TKD Consulting Company Advice Name is “Kids& Hokki”


1971 The 1st Master Certificate by Korean TKD Association.

1991 The 1st Referee Certificate By Korean TKD Association.

1992 The 1st International Referee by WTF

2001 Certified 9 th degree black belt from Kukkiwon.


Education and Qualifications :

1974 : 4 yrs Dan Kook University Graduated Physical Education.

1994-1998 : Vice President Pam Am American Moo Duk-Kwan(Dangsu-Do)

1992-2007 : President of Founder KoAmMuDo Martial Arts Federation.

2005-2010: Technical Committee Member from WTF( World Taekwondo Federation)

2009, -Present : Appointed a member of International Advisory Committee from Kukkiwon.