Our Masters


Master Martin Harris – 1987 – 2011

Dr. Martin Harris has been a master in the Martial Arts for nearly two decades. He and his family moved to West Palm Beach, FL in 1979 from New York, and joined Jin Chung’s Martial Arts shortly thereafter. Since then, through hard work, commitment and dedication, Dr. Harris earned the Kukkiwon Instructor certification in 1991 and continued his relentless pursuit of mastery in the Martial Arts by attaining his 5th-Dan Master certification in 2002.

By way of an unforgettable trip to Korea in 1998, Dr. Harris immersed himself in not only the Korean Martial Arts but also in the culture, tradition and philosophy. He had the opportunity to train with internationally reknowned martial artists at Kukkiwon headquarters in Seoul, and also had the chance to experience life in Korean society.

When asked if he ever had to use his Martial Arts training, Dr. Harris replied, “I use it everyday. The patience, discipline, respect and humility that I’ve learned and gained through the Martial Arts are attributes useful in everyday situations. It has changed my life.”

6th Dan:

Master Maria Zavalakos

Master Maria Zavalakos is a 6th degree black belt with much experience in training and teaching. She began her path of discipline, humility, respect, patience and perseverance at the early age of four with Grandmaster Jin Chung. Since then, influenced by the Grandmaster’s charisma, training, and mentorship, she has continued her devotion to Taekwondo. Since age 12, Maria had not only trained others, but has also participated in Ko Am Mu Do competitions, demonstrations & seminars, and has become an inspiration to her students and those who train with her. Her roots in the academy have helped develop her interests in other martial arts and also to show others self defense with knowledge to aid in giving confidence to her students. “Taekwondo and martial arts are in my blood…” she states “it has taught me to compete with myself rather than others, and grow from my experiences to look forward to tomorrow and what the future will hold.”


Master Moshe Adler

Master Moshe Adler began training in Tae Kwon Do after he signed up his daughter, Malka, for classes. He greatly enjoyed the benefits of Tae Kwon Do and appreciated the opportunity to train with his daughter. Not only has Tae Kwon Do helped Master Moshe Adler stay in shape, it has also improved his concentration and given him more confidence in everything he does. “Grandmaster Jin Chung is the best teacher I have ever had. I’m very thankful to Grandmaster Chung, my fellow 6th dan black belts, and, of course, my daughter for getting me started.. Achieving the rank of 6th dan is one of my greatest accomplishments,”says Master Moshe Adler.






5th Dan:

Master Robert Zavalakos

Master Robert Zavalakos began his TKD journey more than 20 years ago with his daughter who was four years old at the time. Under the guidance and direction of Grandmaster Jin Chung, they continue to prosper and participate in various competitions, demonstrations and seminars. With over 16 fulfilling years of instructor experience, Master Robert Zavalakos skillfully instills self-discipline, kindness, humility and respect into his coaching and daily routines. His emphasis on the development of moral character has earned him the respect of many. A passionate instructor; Master Zavalakos believes that TKD is not only an art of self defense, but also a way of life. His life continues to be a testament to his belief that you can always overcome self-imposed limitations. “Master the art and you will master your life”, says Master Robert Zavalakos.





4th Dan:

Master Kathleen Duffy

Master Kathleen Duffy first started studying Tae Kwon Do with Grandmaster Jin Chung when she was 7 years old.  She credits Tae Kwon Do for developing her leadership skills and helping her to be a strong, self-confident and disciplined person. In addition to teaching both children and adult classes, she has also refereed and coached at Ko Am Mu Do competitions, traveled internationally to volunteer at World Taekwondo Federation competitions, and participated in several seminars. “Tae Kwon Do is so much more than a sport, it really is a way of  life. Teaching and studying Tae Kwon Do teaches you to be patient, to push yourself, and to persevere. These, and so many others, are important life lessons,” says Master Kathleen Duffy.  She is currently the only female 4th dan black belt at USMA Academy.