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Testimonials from our Students and Families

We’ve received great compliments from our students and their families. Read them now to learn more about what our Tae Kwon Do Family can do for you :

Grandmaster Chung as well as the other Masters and Instructors are amazing with the students, especially young kids (as recommended by our friend). Alexis (13) and Sydney (11) both started practicing Taekwondo with Grandmaster Jin Chung when they were 4 ½ years old. It was incredible to see the changes in our girls’ attitude and behavior with their response of “Yes, Sir” or “No, Ma’am” at home, in just a few short weeks of lessons. Others have commented on how polite, loyal, and courteous our girls are. This is because Grandmaster Chung teachings are based on a foundation of respect and family; he and Mrs. Chung treat Alexis & Sydney as if they are family. Master Maria is and has been a great role model for them as well. The physical benefits of Taekwondo help keep the girls flexible and agile which absolutely helps with other sports and activities. Sydney was always a bit clumsy, but her hand and eye coordination have come full circle since practicing Taekwondo. Mentally, Taekwondo has given them confidence. When Alexis began, she was so shy she would not even say her name aloud. Now, they both are not afraid to speak in front of large crowds and thrive in competitions in front of hundreds of people. By assisting with teaching the younger students and participating on demonstration teams they have both acquired leadership skills. We believe the focus and discipline have helped our girls earn the Principal’s Honor Roll. They take pride in themselves and what they have accomplished understanding that dedication and determination pay off. Today Alexis is on her way to becoming a 4th Dan Black Belt and Sydney is on her way to becoming a 2nd Dan Black Belt. Almost nine years later of three lessons per week, we know we made one of the best decisions for our girls.

— Danny and Dana Durrance

At the age of four, our son John expressed an interest in learning martial arts. After doing research throughout Palm Beach County, we decided we wanted him to learn Tae Kwon Do; and USMA Martial Arts was the best school to do that. After reading Grandmaster Chung’s amazing biography and learning about the Ko Am Mu Do philosophy, we knew that our son would have exposure to an extensive martial arts curriculum with extraordinary people impacting his life. USMA Martial Arts has been beneficial to our son both physically and mentally. It has given him a sense of discipline, self-confidence, and determination. He has greatly improved in his balance, coordination, and strength. Now an advanced brown belt at the age of six, he is determined to become a black belt. Our son is extremely fond of the Grandmaster because he is encouraging, kind, caring, and motivates him to succeed. John is excited to go to class every week because he likes to practice his kicking, punching, weapons of defense (Jang Bong and Nunchuks), and various hand combinations. The exercises done in class are exhilarating and a lot of fun! USMA Martial Arts is not just a school; it is an extension of our family creating a warm and inviting atmosphere more so than any other schools or activities John has attended. The Grandmaster, Mrs. Chung, Master Maria, and all instructors are supportive of him and all the students by being proud of their accomplishments. We are grateful to USMA Martial Arts, have tremendous respect for their school, and everything they have done for us.

— Mr. & Mrs. Lacy (Parents of John Lacy)

My son Nicholas began attending Grand Master Jin Chung’s U.S Martial Arts Academy (USMA) at the tender age of 3. I felt it was important that he learned confidence prior to attending Pre-K. After extensive research, I decided that Tae Kwon Do would be perfect for him. Within 1 year, not only was my son saying small words in Korean, but he was the youngest competing in areas such as weapons defense, using long bow staff (Jang Bong), board breaking, and form at the KoAmMuDo competition. Today at age 5, he boasts a red belt and loves it just as much as he did the very first day he began. Grand Master, Mrs. Chung, Master Maria and the entire USMA family treats not only my son, but every child that attends, with the same care that they would receive at home. Never have I met such kind and caring people that show a genuine interest in the well-being and growth of each student, from the youngest to the oldest. I am very proud that my son attends a martial arts school that takes pride in each and every student.

— Mrs. Jones (Nicholas’ mother)

Both of our children and myself, are students of U.S.M.A. Martial Arts. We have been very fortunate to have found this school with Grandmaster Jin Chung and to learn Taekwondo from such an accomplished Martial Artist. Classes are fun and different, so the kids stay interested with the diverse routines. His life experience comes through in what he teaches by showing you the “why” behind what you are learning. Besides being extremely patient with the kids, he instills the same values we work on in our home which go far beyond the classroom: respect (for yourself and others), focus, self-discipline, confidence, responsibility, and of course self-defense. To watch his students’ abilities mature as they grow is truly incredible; especially the respect from our children for not only us but other adults as well has improved considerably. With accepting the challenge of pursuing our Black Belt we have grown to be passionate, dedicated, and committed. Arianna (10 years old, 1st Dan Black Belt) has participated in competition, special events, has done demonstration during testing, and has pride in herself for achieving her goals. Aaron (6 years old) has just earned his red belt, has done numerous competitions, and looks forward to participating in the demonstration team when the time comes. I am a Black Belt myself, help with instructing the students, and know other parents are very proud of their kids’ accomplishments at USMA, as we are. If you are thinking about enrolling your kid(s) in Tae Kwon Do and you live in the Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, or the Wellington area…this is THE place to have them learn! Grandmaster Chung, Master Maria, and the other Masters and Instructors are more than our mentors; they are our Tae Kwon Do Family!

— Mr. & Mrs. Norberto (Aaron and Arianna’s parents)

It has been over 13 years ago when we first came to U.S. Martial Arts Academy to inquire about the program for our oldest son, Drake. Little did I know that it would become an extension of our family and circle of friends. Drake was five years old when he started and had some confidence issues as a result of his Tourette syndrome tics for which he was teased by his classmates. Through Grandmaster’s patience and encouragement and the other masters’ firm but nurturing guidance, Drake has learned to control his tics and increase his concentration ten-fold in school and at USMA. Drake received his Fourth Dan certification in 2012, and it has helped him on his resume for his college applications. Our youngest son, Mason, joined three years later, also benefited from the TKD program. The flexibility, strength, and plyometric training from TKD curriculum have increased his range of motion beyond expectations for an individual with Legg Perthes Syndrome (LPS) and assisted in his knee surgery rehabilitation. Mason will soon be testing for his Deputy Fourth Dan. I soon joined in 2008 for more “family bonding time” together. The TKD program at USMA Academy supplemented my running, weightlifting, and core body training classes by focusing on the mental training in addition to the physical components. I will soon be testing for my Deputy Third Dan in the upcoming months. Throughout their years at USMA, our boys have acquired leadership skills, modesty, and critical thinking skills by helping younger students and participating in the various competitions, demonstration teams, camps, and seminars. We especially appreciated the opportunity to learn from national and international martial arts experts who were invited by the Grandmasters to share their talents and cultures. Each of us has gained more than expected: for Drake, his self-confidence and a supportive environment; for Mason his improved strength; as for myself, lifelong friendships.

— Mrs.Thuy Shutt (mother of Drake and Mason Shutt)

We had our son, Alec, join USMA when he was only 6 years old. In the beginning, he started out as very shy and slowly gained physical and mental confidence through the guidance of Grandmaster Jin Chung, Master Maria Zavalakos, and all the instructors at USMA. Alec has gained his confidence through joining a couple of competitions at USMA and winning medals, which has been a great achievement in his young life. He has also participated in numerous demonstrations, inspiring students to reach higher for their Black Belt. The other students look to him for forms since he is able to recall each one from the curriculum. We love how Grandmaster Chung instills discipline to Alec and the other kids but at the same time he never fails to make them and us laugh with his humor and funny antics with the kids. He always reminds them on the importance of kindness and patience and of not giving up on any task given to them; and also respecting not only his masters but everyone else as well. Alec is now a Deputy 2nd Dan Black Belt and we are forever grateful to Grandmaster Jin Chung and USMA.

— Mr. & Mrs. Prestoza (Alec Prestoza’s Parents)

“When my wife Kathryn and I tried to think of something constructive for our son to do, we decided it needed to be challenging, highly interesting and easy for all ages. We “let our fingers do the walking” through the BellSouth Yellow Pages where we luckily stumbled onto a page listing Martial Arts schools. Joining a Martial Arts class sounded like it would help bring order and discipline to our son’s life, but there were so many ads to choose from, how would we ever decide what martial arts school was the best, when nearly every ad looked the same? Every ad except one that is! The US Martial Arts Academy ad had a photo of some guy flying through the air with his hands and feet extended as if he were jumping out of the Yellow Pages at us! You can’t get more exciting than that we laughed and so we visited the academy’s website at http://www.usmaacademy.com. What we found convinced my wife and me we were headed in the right direction and that USMA was the best choice for our 24 year old son. What really convinced our family to choose USMA was a simple word that we noticed on their website, a word we did not find in any other martial arts ad. The key word was “FAMILY”. What a unique concept, a partnership of Family and Martial Arts training. So we called USMA and spoke to a very polite young man who identified himself as Master Chung. It soon became clear to us that Master Chung (a 5th Dan Black-Belt) possessed excellent telephone and people skills, a rarity in this day and age of world turmoil and cell-phone mania. He answered every question we asked of him and then he invited us to visit USMA to watch one of their many weekly classes that are held Monday through Friday starting at 3:30 p.m. (for younger children) with a new class starting on every half hour right up to the last evening 18 years and up class which starts at 7:30 p.m. With 25 classes to choose from throughout the entire week it was easy for us to fit a visit into our work schedule. Rather than watching the 6:30 World News my wife and I took a five minute drive to USMA and walked into their spotless clean lobby. The class had already begun. It was for students 12 years old an up who held all levels of expertise in martial arts training. Leading the class was the guy we saw jumping out of the BellSouth Yellow Page ad! It was none other than Mr. Jin Chung, a 9th Degree “Grandmaster” in Taekwondo and the founder of the US Martial Arts Academy. The class room (do-jang) was full of people of all ages. Not only could we see the excitement in the classroom (a state-of-the-art facility rivaling the finest Palm Beach workout gym), we could feel it right through the glass windows of the visitor’s lobby. We noticed Grandmaster Chung paid personal attention to each and every student who responded to his teachings and questions with a resounding “YES SIR” or “NO SIR”. Wow, such politeness is surely a family value we said to each other. The class ended with students courteously bowing to the Grandmaster as well as to one another, a clear sign of good sportsmanship and mutual respect for one’s fellow man. Smiles and roaring laughter filled the do-jang as Grandmaster Chung dismissed his class. The 7:30 p.m. class was just about to start and it was nice to see people ranging in age between 18 and 55 walk through the door and say “Hello” to us (I’m 58 and since my wife won’t let me mention her age, all I can safely say is that she’s a lot younger than I am). The night ended and we drove home to tell our son about what we had just witnessed. To our surprise he said, “Mom and Dad, I’m going to Michigan and I’m not sure if I’m coming back home to Florida any time soon.”. As I looked over to my wife in amazement she had a sparkle in her eye as she said, “How about you and I joining USMA?”. It took me about a half a second to say, “Let’s do it”. The next afternoon we revisited USMA and met Master Chung who gave us a personal tour of the training facilities. It was spotless clean and very modern with signs everywhere reading “Always do your best” etc. To make a long story short, my wife and I signed up for classes that day and have been dedicated students ever since. We both feel better, we look better, sleep sounder and have lost weight and a few inches to our beltlines I might add. So if you are between the ages of 3 or 72 years young and want to change your life in a very positive way, the US Martial Arts Academy is for you. Everyone learns and exercises at their age appropriate pace, so it’s quite easy for anyone to do. In closing, all my wife and I can say is, sell that Bow-Flex contraption, toss out the old treadmill, cancel your pricey gym membership, forget about that South Beach diet food stuff you’re eating and sign up with USMA where you too can live a more fun-filled, healthier, FAMILY lifestyle.”

— Vincent Finizio is a former City Manager for the City of Belle Glade and Kathryn Kowall Finizio is a Nurse & Physical Therapy Group Administrator.

“Having spent a career in the Army, confidence came easy carrying an M-4 Carbine. Being a civilian having to rely on my skills as a martial artist was another matter. With the help of the USMA I have not only strengthened the courage and confidence I received from military training, but it also served to become my physical center (yin) to my spiritual center (yang). With this balance in my life I am a new person with a clearer focus.”

— Instructor Leo Lucas ( Leo is the owner of Renderama, a digital media company focusing on film, audio, visual effects, and 3d animation.)

“Tae Kwon Do has a lot to offer, more than just physical aspects. Personally it cultivated my focus, perseverance, and discipline, while keeping me in great shape. It always amazes me to see the effect Tae Kwon Do has on those who come through the doors willing to learn. I have seen everything from significant weight loss, to unruly children become disciplined and respectful. This school offers children that discipline in a loving and fun environment. I am honored to be a part of this school and what it provides its students.”

— Instructor Christine Fulcher

“I started martial arts at the Jin Chung’s Martial Arts Academy when I was nine because my parents wanted me to be able to protect myself. I loved learning all the new kicks, punches, different methods of defense, and uses of weapons that accompanied each new belt, and in the years, advanced through a myriad of belts. My parents accomplished what they hoped for me to learn- self-defense- but at the same time, I benefited from the discipline, respect, and confidence that are also an integral part of martial arts. Throughout my elementary, middle, and now, high school years, martial arts provided for me a steady source of exercising as well as stretching. I enjoyed and learned with the time I dedicated to martial arts, and today, I still continue learning as a second degree black belt.”

— Shelly Jin (Shelly, 16, is currently an Assistant Instructor, and is also the founder of the Palm Beach County Youth Performers.)

“Dear Grandmaster Chung, I am writing you to thank you and let you know what a privilege it is to be a part of your school. As you know, all my three sons and myself are part of the school and have enjoyed the experience completely. I have seen an improvement with my son’s attitude, physical abilities and overall outlook on life. Finally there is something other than video games that I hear them talk and get excited about. It is a wonderful atmosphere to be around, from the association with fellow students, instructors and masters. I can truly say there is a family atmosphere and I am proud to be a part of it. Thank you.”

— Mr. Adel Jimenez (Mr. Jimenez and his 3 children attend USMA

“When my son was young he was painfully shy. Being shy myself growing up, I felt I needed him to overcome this. I enrolled him in USMA, because he aspired to be a power ranger. There were times I questioned what I was doing, be asked to quit several times in the beginning. Eight months later his Pre-K teacher asked me if I would allow him to perform a solo at his Pre-K graduation. I quickly said ‘My son – he would never get up in front of all those people’. Graduation day came and my shy timid little boy got up and sang and danced his heart out in front of a few hundred people, tears came to my eyes. Teachers and coaches always come up to us and state how the Tae Kwon Do has enhanced my sons atheleticism. He is now a First Dan black belt, he no longer feels the need to be a power ranger but loves Tae Kwon Do and Jin Chung.”

— Mrs. Chiaravalloti (Treyden and Tryanni’s mother)

“Dear Grandmaster Jin Chung: When Colin was testing for his deputy black belt this past Friday, I was the proudest mother in the world. I am always proud of my son, and on Friday, I was overjoyed. I had explained to Colin that he should challenge himself and always do the best he can. But moreso, I explained to him that a good student is a reflection of a good teacher. Colin worked so hard to show you how much he appreciates and admires you. As for himself, he now sees that he is capable of a lot more than he thinks, and he is motivated to move on and always work on improving himself. My husband and I feel so blessed that you have guided both Kathleen and Colin and that you and your staff have embraced them as you would your own children. We just wanted to say thank you. Both children want to be Grandmasters now and there is no better example than you. With Gratitude, Tonia and Larry Duffy.”

— Tonia and Larry Duffy (proud parents of Kathleen and Colin, who are students at USMA)