Black Belt Tea Ceremony Was Today!

Today, December 19th Wednesday, is a very special day! It is the day we honor our Black Belts, and all who support them (their families, instructors, masters, and our Grandmaster) during our Black Belt Tea Ceremony through the passing of tea symbolizing honor, loyalty, and union.

Not only our current students came but our past ones came to visit. Many of them left because they moved to different cities, went to college, or had to start new jobs straining their schedules. We understand and always welcome them back as family!

A Special Thanks to Benjamin Beinhorn, Seth Budoff-Kingsland, Alexis Durrance, Sydney Durrance, John Lacy, The Norberto Family, Karla and Marcos Rivera, Mrs. Thuy Shutt for coming to see us again!

Congratulations to our Master Brennen Dunn-Heimer on his new rank as Master and also to Alan Pham on becoming a new Instructor!

From December 20th Thursday through January 4th Friday we will be CLOSED for the Winter Break! We will OPEN for class on Monday, January 7th!


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