Congratulations and Thank You!

Congratulations to all those who tested today! Special congratulations to our Black Belts John Lacy and Gloria Nguyen! They did such an amazing job with their many requirements and techniques! We had two new white belts testing as well and did great for their first time! Elena, one of our Orange Belt really impressed our Masters and Grandmaster with her yelling. We look forward to seeing their results on Monday!

Thank you to our Mr.Franck, Mr.Charles, and Mr. Trevor for their continued support in motivating our students and holding for them! We even had one incoming Black Belt leader Vincent Nguyen helping during his sister’s testing! Thank you to our Masters Dr.Moshe Adler, Maria and Robert Zavalakos for coming in to judge, we really appreciate everyone taking the time from their busy schedule to come in!

Belt Promotion Testing will be next week starting on Monday! One more testing for adults tomorrow starting at 6:30pm! We wish our students the best of luck!

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