Congratulations to Our Adults!

Congratulations to our Adults who tested on Friday, especially to Mr.Franck Chantayan, Mr.Charles Worsham, Mrs.Thuy Shutt, Brennen Dunn-Heimer, Silke Dunn! Everyone did a wonderful job especially with so many more requirements! Griffin, our red advanced belt did a wonderful power breaking with 6 boards. Mrs.Thuy Shutt, 3rd dan 3 gup, surprised us with her double knife hand power break of 3 boards on each side making a difficult technique look easy.

We would like to thank Mr.Franck, Mr.Charles, and Brennen for helping out with holding. Also a thank you to our Masters Robert and Maria Zavalakos for coming in to judge and help with testing.

Belt presentations will be this coming Monday! Hope you have a great weekend!

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