Congratulations to Those Who Tested! Adult Testing Today!

Congratulations to our young tigers and dragons! They did a wonderful job during their promotion testing and we look forward to their continued progress. Evan who is red advanced did a wonderful power break as a last requirement towards his Deputy Black Belt.

We had a new helper who in to observe how we conduct our testing from a different perspective. His name is Theo, who is a 1st Dan, 2nd Gup and is very enthusiastic to go about his responsibilities as Black Belt. His sister had tested today and he was showing his support for her. He is currently trying to qualify for training in helping our instructors and working his way up.

Our Grandmaster had re-introduced yesterday our new upcoming Instructors Mr. Franck Chantayan and Mr. John Kirby. They have been helping and teaching during the 5:30pm and 6:30pm classes. Now with their three years experience, they will be qualifying for our KoAmMuDo Instructors certification during their next curriculum seminar. We thank them for their continual support yesterday and always.

Our Master Robert Zavalakos and Maria Zavalakos were the attending judges yesterday and were impressed with many of the students and how loud and strong they were during their introductions and breaking. Many positive comments were made re-enforcing their approval of the improved progress of many students in their attitude and discipline. We thank them for their continued support yesterday and always during class and testing.

Today’s test will be for the adults, and they will have to be much louder and energetic then yesterday’s group which is hard to beat. We wish them the best of luck. Testing will be at 6:30pm, we encourage early arrivals for practice, review, choosing partners for one-step sparring, and last questions. All participants must be in uniform to test. Regular classes are cancelled during test dates. We wish everyone the best of luck!

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