Benefits of Ko Am Mu-Do

Our Ko Am Mu-Do curriculum is a scientifically and anecdotally proven program designed to increase a child’s self-confidence, esteem, focus, concentration, discipline, body coordination, and of course, ability for self-defense. Through strict goal-setting and hard-earned accomplishments, children become more self-confident, and, in turn, their self-esteem also gets a tremendous boost. We also use Positive Reinforcement to instill a sense of resposibility and discipline. Such benefits have irrefutably been shown to lead to greater focus and effort in school and better grades. These results are seen not only in school, but also at the home. Our students, who are taught to control their emotions and impulses, behave better at home, are more disciplined in homework and household chores, and become more amiable brothers and sisters. Overall, they grow tremendously as individuals because they progress at their own pace and not in comparison to others. Every one of our martial arts students is a winner, not a “bench sitter”.

In addition to stressing the core tenets of martial arts – focus, concentration, and discipline – our children’s martial arts curriculum encompasses kicking and punching techniques, body blocks, and grappling combinations, all of which improves reaction, balance, coordination and control.


The teenage years, for many, was and is the most important period in their lives. It is the fork in the road of life and taking the right path is crucial. Our Ko Am Mu-Do martial arts classes not only teach adolescents self-defense, but also gives them the opportunity to “burn off” excess emotional energy that could potentially evolve into antisocial behavior at school and at home.

Under supervision of the Grandmaster and Masters, our adolescents are given opportunities to act as leaders through class instruction and mentoring of younger students. Our Grandmaster, as well as our masters and instructors, serve as life-long mentors promoting and espousing morals and philosophies derived from Oriental and Confucian cultures. The tenets we emphasize for our adolescent students include modesty, respect, hard work, community service, leadership, and stoicism.

Our adolescent martial arts students, equipped with the essential characteristics to help them avoid bad situations, are better able to stay out of trouble and to become leaders of society. During these very important years of your child’s life, every part of their body, mind, and spirit is growing. Give them the structure and foundation with which they can navigate toward the right path.


The human body continually develops and maintains a balance of 4 channels of chi energy, which circulate throughout. Along these lines of circulation are 365 vital chi points, also known as pressure points. Our Ko Am Mu-Do system has integrated these chi points into our martial arts curriculum to develop, in essence, the most effective self-defense program in the world.

Ko Am Mu-Do will train you in Hapki-do (defense against grabs, chokes, etc), judo (throwing techniques), street grappling, advanced weapon defense, and devastating offensive techniques. Ko Am Mu-Do also trains you in a variety of weapons such as the nun-chuks, bo staff, the juk-do (wooden sword), kum-do (Korean fencing), and the kum (real sword). This comprehensive system will enhance your mind and body, give you superior flexibility, balance, stamina, coordination, and strength.

Additionally, for those of you who are looking to get an intense calorie burning workout, you have come to the right place. Our Olympic Tae Kwon Do training, which involves kicking and punching drills, will whip you into shape in no time. Our Grandmaster, a former Korean National and Bahrain National Team Head Coach, and Masters are the most experienced in this form of martial art in the United States.

Whether you looked us up to become the next Tae Kwon Do Champion, a Master in self-defense, or simply to lose weight and get in shape, we offer what you are looking for.