A Thought – A Goal – A Beginning

The Thought: “Something was missing…”

Many grandmasters and masters of Tae Kwon Do were unhappy. Their martial art was accepted by millions of people, of all ages, all over the world. Competitors were plentiful coming from near and far. The art was thriving.

Many of the grandmasters and masters in Korea had their own schools that taught only the sport and Olympic style of Tae Kwon Do. Everyday student learned the same thing and practiced the same thing. The cultural and traditional aspects of the martial art were becoming lost. The discipline was weakening.

Boredom set in quickly, and interest waned. The Grandmasters, masters, as well as the students, were not being challenged. What was wrong? The traditional and philosophical aspect of Tae Kwon Do was not being upheld.

The martial art of Tae Kwon Do was becoming too main-stream. Something was missing.

The Goal : “Develop a new Martial Art System”…
The grandmasters strongly agreed to develop a system whose philosophies would be based on the historical principles of the art. It would stress inner peace, mental and physical strength, and harmony with others and society. The new system had to encompass breathing techniques and discipline while respect was to be emphasized. It also had to have practical self-defense techniques that flowed and would work in modern day martial arts schools. This was a big order. Cooperation and open minds were essential. After several years, four grandmasters (Jin Chung, Jun Kim, N.G. Guak, and Yung Ho Jun) from Florida had done it!

For the first time in the history of martial arts, a 37 video tape set encompassing white belt through 5th dan black belt curriculums was created. This system of traditional martial arts was recognized by the Kukkiwon (international headquarters of Tae Kwon Do) and asked for seminars to introduce it to the world of martial arts. The four founding grandmasters hosted Ko Am Mu-Do seminars throughout Korea, and then throughout the world, with attendees in the thousands including world renown grandmasters and instructors. Slowly but surely, the art of Ko Am Mu-Do began to spread into the world of martial arts.

The Beginning : “The Journey Begins”
The First Ko Am Mu-Do Martial Arts Seminar was held March 1997 in Ft. Myers, Florida. Over 120 masters, instructors and black belt students were introduced to the systems. They loved it.

Last September 27 through October 11, 1997, Grandmaster Jin Chung and Grandmaster N.G. Guak traveled to South Korea to present Ko Am Mu Do demonstrations. The two grandmasters participated in the grand opening of the Korean Tae Kwon Do Consultative Company as well as presenting exhibitions for Korean masters and grandmasters of Seoul, Sang Nam City, Keung Gi Providence, Tae Jun City, Treu City, Pusan City, and Sok Cho Kanguin City. The demonstrations consisted of breathing and meditation techniques, grappling and grabbing, falling and rolling techniques, blocking, punching, and kicking techniques, combinations, joint locks, and the use of weapons. The program was received enthusiastically by the grandmasters and masters, who were presented with a complete Ko Am Mu-Do curriculum including programs for adults and children. Certification for Ko Am Mu-Do is under the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, which operates in 135 different countries.

The South Korean Grandmasters and Masters were extremely receptive and enthusiastic about Ko Am Mu-Do. Grandmaster Guak and Grandmaster Chung told the masters that they had a tremendous responsibility. They had to be many things to the students: psychologist, teacher and family. They were important to the student, like a doctor. The student goes to a doctor if he is sick. The master had to try to prevent sickness.