Our Events & Activities

Summer Camp

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USMA members are looking forward to special activities and events that distinguish our martial arts center with others. Activities and events continue to be a big part of Ko Am Mu-Do training (Active & Imaginative Training). Such events benefit students of all ages by building up and increasing self-confidence, courage, teamwork and decision-making.

Competitions and Tournaments
Competitions and tournaments are intended to broaden the student’s horizon in the martial arts by giving them the opportunity to truly “test” the techniques they have honed and mastered through much effort and sweat. It also teaches our students the importance of sportsmanship and reinforces the important axiom that only he who fails to try is a loser, but he who at least tries is always a winner. Whether you come back with gold around your neck or a bronze, every competition and tournament will be a tremendous learning experience. Pictures from 2006 KAMD Championships

Competitor Development Camps
The Competitor Development Camp (CDC) is usually a month-long camp that runs right up to a major martial arts tournament and competition. Through a series of fun and intense training, which includes taking digital footage of students sparring and watching them for improvements, tournament-bound students learn detailed maneuvers, strategies, and techniques that will prepare them to compete at their fullest potential. Our Grandmaster, masters and instructors, who have extensive experience in the tournament circuit, run these camps. Pictures from 2006 CDC

Discipline Camps
Several times a year, the USMA hosts a 2-day, 1-night Discipline Camp for children aged 6 through 15, which is designed to “tighten the loose screw” so to speak by nudging them outside their comfort zone. Students partake in intense martial arts training and conditioning, but also have lots of fun through competitive games and activities. Students bring sleeping bags and sleep 4 to 6 hours in our training hall and learn to adjust to uncomfortable surroundings. Next morning, a field trip to the beach and training on the beach as the sun rises is one of the highlights of Discipline Camp.

Promotion Tests
Promotion tests are offered every two months to students who have met the minimum required class participation and of course are able to show our masters and instructors a proficient competency of their requirements. Promotion tests are an opportunity for students to demonstrate to themselves, to our Grandmaster and masters, and to their families and friends, their mental and physical improvement. It helps to set short term and long term goals leading to an increase in self-confidence and esteem.
Exhibitions are an excellent venue for students to realize what they have learned as they show the public their techniques. Exhibitions also improve teamwork, coordination, and team synchronization. Lastly, demonstrations boost a student’s confidence level as they stand up in front of large crowds and perform. USMA has hosted many demonstrations for institutions such as Hospice, the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), the Sheriff’s Office, the YMCA, the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, the Morikami Museum, and more.

Birthday Parties
Does your child have a birthday coming up? Well if so, why not schedule a fun Martial Arts Birthday Party? Your child will have the opportunity to show off his martial arts techniques and leadership in front of all his or her friends! We will provide your child and guests with a fun martial arts class consisting of games, obstacles, and of course, kicking and punching, and self-defense techniques that your child learns everyday. Near the end of the party, your child and guests will all get a chance to break a real wooden board! Dates fill up fast, so don’t wait. Sign up now!

We conduct various specialized seminars throughout the year for both children and adults. Topics include Advanced Weapon Training, Olympic-style Tae Kwon Do sparring, Advanced Form Training also for competition, Women’s Self Defense, and many more.

Occasionally, USMA masters, instructors and students go on trips to countries like Korea, China, and Japan – home countries of many Oriental martial arts. These trips have been extraordinary learning experiences for our students as they learn the history of martial arts and the development and evolution of them throughout the generations. Students, as they get a taste of different cultures and traditions, ineluctably become better-rounded and cultured individuals.