Our Programs

For Juniors?

Here at the USMA, we teach a mixed martial art system called Ko Am Mu-Do, a brilliant integration of Olympic and Traditional Styles of Taekwondo (the art of the hand, foot, and spirit), Hapkido (the art of coordinated energy), Judo (“softness defeats hardness”), Jiujitsu (the art of yielding self-defense), and weapon training. In addition to training in Olympic-style Taekwondo, we teach various other grappling arts.

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For Adults?

All adult students will be taught our full Ko Am Mu-Do curriculum, which includes Olympic and Traditional style Taekwondo, traditional Hapkido and Judo, knife-defense manuevers, weapons training, and cardiovascular workouts. The Ko Am Mu-Do curriculum is an extensive one, to say the least. An example of one of our many grappling sequences is shown below.

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Private Martial Arts Instruction

Do you have unconventional working hours? Can’t make the afternoon and evening classes? Want additional one-on-one training before the upcoming competition or testing?

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