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Programs for Adults

All adult students will be taught our full Ko Am Mu-Do curriculum, which includes Olympic and Traditional style Taekwondo, traditional Hapkido and Judo, knife-defense manuevers, weapons training, and cardiovascular workouts. The Ko Am Mu-Do curriculum is an extensive one, to say the least. An example of one of our many grappling sequences is shown below.

Additionally, all instruction takes place within the context of the ancient ways of traditional Korean martial arts, emphasizing a Value System of strict discipline, hierarchy, and respect. We also focus on the philosophical and spiritual aspect of Korean martial arts.

To master each belt’s requirements, the student must have exceptional mental discipline and a Yes I Can! attitude; it gets physically and mentally grueling at times. You might not be as physically fit as a triathlete, but you can achieve Black Belt Excellence with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and grow in martial arts. Our Ko Am Mu-Do curriculum is designed so that students of ALL shapes, sizes, and age can excel and achieve Black Belt Excellence. Whether you are looking to lose weight and tone your body, or to become a martial arts Master, you’ve visited the right institution. Click Here for Benefits of Ko Am Mu-Do.