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Programs for Juniors

Here at the USMA, we teach a mixed martial art system called Ko Am Mu-Do, a brilliant integration of Olympic and Traditional Styles of Taekwondo (the art of the hand, foot, and spirit), Hapkido (the art of coordinated energy), Judo (“softness defeats hardness”), Jiujitsu (the art of yielding self-defense), and weapon training. In addition to training in Olympic-style Taekwondo, we teach various other grappling arts.

Our martial arts instruction for juniors involves 2 primary areas of development: Character Development and Physical Development. For Character Development, we use martial arts as a vehicle to get to our ultimate destination of Black Belt Excellence – a Value System that emphasizes Discipline, Leadership, Respect, Confidence, a Solid Work Ethic, a Positive Character, a Motivated Spirit through goal-setting and achievement, and Compassion. In addition, we use a proprietary system called the Excellence Reinforcement System to reinforce positive behavior and to instill in our members the Black Belt Excellence Value System. We strongly believe that the characteristics of our Value System are essential for shaping the future leaders of our world. Results have been overwhelmingly successful. (Read our Testimonials)

The Physical and Self-Defense Development we provide our juniors focuses on defending against potentially dangerous situations. We do this by developing their coordination, flexibility, strength, bio-mechanics and speed. We achieve these results by way of fun and exciting martial arts training that encompasses 4 different types of martial arts, weapon training, and gymnastic/acrobatic training. Click Here for Benefits of Ko Am Mu-Do.

Once our juniors earn their red belts, or turn 12, they begin to get focused training in Taekwondo, 4 types of weapons, hapki-do grappling and pressure points, jiujitsu escape and attack maneuvers, submission fighting, advanced kicking, breaking and sparring techniques, and advanced judo techniques (i.e. falling, rolling, throwing techniques). This advanced system arms our students with the most effective self-defense system ever created.