Special Congratulations to Those Who Attended the Competition and Helped!

We want to specifically congratulate those who have participated in competition for divisions involving forms, sparring, breaking, weapons. Good job on your individual achievements! And great support and teamwork to each other. Many young teen black belts showed great coaching and help towards their fellow peers. We are proud of all of you!

Congratulations for Competing to:
Giulianna, Cassandra, Gianmarco, Kyle, Marcus, Brennen, Karla, Sebastian, Seth, Raymond, Samuel, Nicholas, Alexis, and Mr.John Kirby

Thank you to our Coaches:
Mr.Peter Nguyen, Miss Jessica Nguyen, Mr.John Kirby, Master Maria Zavalakos

Great job to our Assistant Coaches:
Alexis, Gianmarco, Sebastian, Cassandra

Thank you to our Masters for Organizing, Judging, and Referee:
Master Ahmed Gaballa, Master Maria Zavalakos

Of course, we deeply thank Grandmaster Jin Chung for allowing our sister Ko Am Mu Do Schools to be brought together every year for this family competition.

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